Mums, Bums & Tums

Under the guidance of our qualified physiotherapist, Jess Andriolo, Mums, Tums and Bums is a rehabilitation class designed to suit the needs of post-natal women.

The program guides you through a series of exercises used to address concerns such as abdominal conditioning, pelvic floor strength, and general mobility which many woman struggle with following pregnancy and child birth.  This new program is a great way for you to get back into fitness, meet new mums and bond with your baby in a supervised and supportive environment.

The classes will be running weekly from 2 weeks post vaginal delivery, or 6 weeks post-cesarean, and up to 1 year post-natal. 

Parking is available upstairs in our building although there aren’t many. Your best choice is the 2 hour parking in the Coles multi-story car park at the Hyperdome, or at the Homeworld Centre.

*There is a lift in our building*

*These classes will fill quickly. Please call as soon as you can to confirm*

Please ask our friendly reception staff for more details if you would like some further information.

Attention pregnant ladies and new mums of  Canberra!