About Southside Physio

Southside Physio caters for all areas of physiotherapy including: Rehabilitation and restoration of function after; Motor Vehicle accidents Work-related injuries Sporting injuries Back and neck pain Treatment of; Stroke, Acquired brain injury and other neurological disorders, Continence and Womens health problems, Lymphoedema, Paediatric problems, Aquatic Physiotherapy (often called hydrotherapy), Exercise Prescriptions and supervised Gym Programmes.  



We guarantee that our physiotherapists and support team will give you the best and most caring high quality service, along with honest and reliable advice to facilitate your speedy recovery.  If you feel our team has not lived up to your expectations, we will happily refund you the cost of your treatment.                        


Woden Integrated Physiotherapy & Phytlinc Lanyon join Southside Physiotherapy

Southside physio has now officially incorporated Woden Integrated Physio and Phytlinc Lanyon (Condor).  With experienced physiotherapists from these three great practices (see contact details and locations here for  Southside Physiotherapy Woden and Southside Physio Tuggeranong), we are proud to have brought together a highly regarded team with a broad range of skills and treatments.


The Southside Physio Team

Physiotherapy Canberra - Woden, Tuggeranong, Lanyon.



To be your trusted centre for excellence enabling you on your journey towards wellness.
We ACT according to our values – this defines our work culture.
What we do:
We work in partnership with you and your health professionals to provide highly effective treatment.  Our aim is to empower you to achieve life-long well-being by providing you with the knowledge, skills & support.  
Why we do what we do:
To do our best work with the best people for the people.
To be the Trusted service provider for Canberra.
Work Culture:
We create a good energy at work We speak to each other respectfully
We feel safe at work We don’t gossip
We trust and respect each other We embrace personal growth and learning
We have fun We have difficult conversations promptly
We care for each other We are all well and fairly paid
We strive for excellence We support each other including when we leave
We work in a beautiful environment We know together we are stronger
We listen with curiosity We value family & life balance
We embrace diversity We make the world a better place


Our History

Southside Physio, formerly Southside Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre, was purchased by Bjarne Kragh in 1998 from Barbara McKenzie who started the Practice 20 years earlier. Southside Physiotherapy is the only Accredited Practice (with the Australian Physiotherapy Association) in Tuggeranong. Southside has purpose-built facilities with multiple treatment areas and a fully equipped gymnasium.

In April 2017 the Southside Physio opened another practice at Lanyon Marketplace in Condor, Tuggeranong in order to provide high-quality physiotherapy services to the south Tuggeranong community.