Viking Talks

Welcome to our podcast, Viking Talks, hosted by Southside Physio founder, Bjarne Kragh.  Bjarne is Danish, a true Viking, and the general theme for Viking Talks is wellness.   There will be some great guests along the way that will help explore a range of topics as they relate to health and wellness.  Every Viking Talks episode can be found on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Podcast addict or our website. 

Episode 5: Bonus podcast talking about the Jaw with Bjarne

This episode was recorded while Bjarne was in 7 days isolation, and is on the Jaw or Temporomandibular joint (TMJ for short). This is one of Bjarne's passions in the assessment and treatment of Jaw Pain. 


Episode 4: Martin Fisk joins the Viking to talk about Resilience

This episode Bjarne welcomes Martin Fisk. Martin has served as the Chief Executive of Menslink since 2011 after a twenty-five year career in both the private and public sectors, including nearly ten years running his own business. The viking and Martin talk about resilience in a heart felt episode. 

To Sponsor Bjarne on the Great walk click on the link: https://menslink-great-walk-2021.raisely.com/bjarne-kragh-southside-physio

For more info on Menslink: https://menslink.org.au

The Spotify link for episode 4 can be found here - Spotify - Viking Talks Episode 4 

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Episode 3: Chris Bacchus and Djordje Cudovski join the Viking to talk all things concussion management;

This episode the viking welcomes Chris Bacchus and Djordje Cudovski, two highly experienced physiotherapist who have undertaken extras training in in the management of concussion. This is a very informative session and an excellent resource for all contact sports. Please visit https://www.southsidephysio.com.au/Complete-Concussion-Management-Souths... for more information. 

The spotify link for episode 3 can be found here - Spotify - Viking Talks Episode 3 

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Episode 2: Dr Kerry Howells joins the Viking to talk about the relationship between gratitude and resentment. 

Bjarne welcomes Dr Kerry Howells who is an expert on gratitude. They will be taking a deep dive into gratitude as well as grief and resentfulness. 

Kerry's new book is out, Untangling you: How can I be grateful when I am so resentful. To purchase her book or for more information please go to her website below. You can use the discount code Viking10 for $10 discount. 

The spotify link for episode 2 can be found here - Spotify - Viking Talks Episode 2 - and for more about Dr Kerry Howells - http://www.kerryhowells.com/

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Episode 1: Craig Allingham joins the Viking to talk all things related to Mens Health

Craig is a Physiotherapist who has extensive expertise in Mens health. He has published two books on everything you need to know about prostate cancer. Craig discusses the role of rehabilitation pre and post surgically in prostate cancer. He has a very positive outlook on life and advocates for the role of exercise, mindfulness and meditation with Bjarne in an action packed 40 minutes. 

The Spotify Link for episode 1 can be found here - Spotify - Viking Talks Episode 1 and for more about Craig - www.craigallingham.com, Twitter - Craig Allingham


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Some of our upcoming guests and topics will include:

Guy Hull -  Why dog owners live happier, longer lives.

Guy is the best selling Author of The Dogs that Made Australia, and The Ferals that Ate Australia.

Viking Talks Introduction

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